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Hi, Rachel,
I'm IrisJoy. In my hometown of Carlstadt, NJ, I'm the chairman of the Literature & Book Club Department of my local Woman's Club. (This means I have the privilege of lugging our huge book bag to/from our meetings and collecting dues.) Until now, it has been our practice to have each member of our department in turn select a book of her choice, read it, and give a brief review at our monthly meeting. For the first time we have decided to select one book for the entire group to read and discuss. Having already read and loved it, I suggested and it was agreed that we select A Thousand Splendid Suns for discussion at our October meeting. As chairman, I will have to lead the discussion and am in need of some guidance in finding questions that will provoke a good discussion. I thought at Barnes & Noble I would find the help I need and was pleasantly surprised to see that a discussion of A Thousand Splendid Suns will soon begin. I look to you all for help. (I have also read The Kite Runner -it was superb!)
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