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Early Discussion: Evan and Meghan

Is Evan justified in leaving Meghan, or do you agree with Bridget, that there must have been another woman in the picture right from the start? What factors led to the failure of their relationship? How does Bridget deal with the breakup? How does Meghan deal with it?

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Note: This topic refers to events through page 79. Some readers of this thread may not have finished the book. If you are referring to events that occur after page 79, please use "Spoiler Warning" in the subject line of your post. Thanks!

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Re: Early Discussion: Evan and Meghan

This is one of those situations that I can see from both sides. In a way, Evan was justified in leaving Meghan because when he married her, he didn't ask to be the husband of a huge celebrity. When Meghan signed on for Rise and Shine, Evan lost all types of private life, and therefore much of the Meghan he had grown up with. In my opinion, we really only have one life to live, so if he really didn't want to spend the rest of his at dinner parties walking in his wife's shadow, he shouldn't have to.

On the flip side

He did pick a pretty inconvenient time to do it, which was just wrong. I mean, knowing the kind of celebrity she had become, he had to know that separating would just add fuel to the fire of the media and Meghan's mistake. So I thought that was terrible.

As far as I am, I do believe Evan that there is no other woman...but if I am wrong, please don't tell me. I guess I will find out before too long.
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Re: Early Discussion: Evan and Meghan

I'm actually quite sympathetic to Evan's predicament. Often I hear the argument, well, women have had to become accustomed to living in the shadow of their husbands' reputation and stature. Why not the other way around? But the truth is that the revolution in the lives of women and men is still somewhat new, and I don't think turnabout in that regard yet suits the comfort level of many men. You can just imagine all the times Evan has heard himself referred to as "Mr. Fitzmaurice," or had people look right through him while they make a bee line for his wife. It's got to rankle. Add to that the fact that Meghan doesn't seem as though she would be terribly easy to live with, and you have a recipe for marital disaster.
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