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More Great Books from Anna Quindlen

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Book Cover Image: Title: Blessings, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It Blessings
When Skip Cuddy, caretaker of the Blessings state, finds a baby asleep on his doorstep, he decides he wants to keep her. For her own reasons, matriarch Lydia Blessing, decides to help him. The secrets of the past, how they affect the present; what makes a someone legitimate or illegitimate, and who decides; the unique resources people find in themselves and in a community -- these are at the center of this wonderful novel of love, redemption, and personal change.

Book Cover Image: Title: Black and Blue, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It Black and Blue
After 18 years of abuse from her husband Bobby, Fran Benedetto finally made a choice -- she grabbed her 10-year-old son and ran for both their lives. Starting over in a new town with a new name, she cradles her son in her arms and tries to forget. And even though every day is a chance to heal, she's also waiting for Bobby to catch up to her. Despite the flawlessness of her escape, Fran is certain of one thing: it is only a matter of time.

Book Cover Image: Title: One True Thing, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It One True Thing
When Ellen learns of her mother's advanced cancer diagnosis, she quits her job to take care of her, learning many surprising things about herself, her mother, and their life choices. But as her mother's pain increases, so do the dosages of morphine. Exploring the ambiguities that make up marriage, character, family, and fate, Quindlen reveals the mysteries at the heart of who we are and what we know.

Book Cover Image: Title: Object Lessons, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It Object Lessons
It is the 1960s, in suburban New York City. Maggie and her family, are in the thrall of her powerful grandfather Jack Scanlan. In the summer of her twelfth year, Maggie is despertately trying to master the object lessons her grandfather fills her head with. But there is too much going on to concentrate. Everything at home is in upheaval, her grandfather is changing, and Maggie is unsure if what she wants is worth having.

Book Cover Image: Title: Being Perfect, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It Being Perfect
Quindlen exposes "the perfection trap," the price you pay when you become ensnared in it, and the key to setting yourself free. Redefining "success," she asks you to set aside your friends' advice, what your family and co-workers demand, and what society expects, and look at the choices you make every day. At the core of this beautiful book lies the inspiration to embrace a life that is undeniably your own, rich in fulfillment and meaning.

Book Cover Image: Title: Imagined London, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It Imagined London
Quindlen describes her lifelong love affair with London -- from Dickensian London, rich with narrow alleyways and jocular street vendors, to the London of Conan Doyle and Margery Allingham, with its salt-of-the-earth police officers and crowded train stations. Walking through the city -- the home of the great books of the 18th century, the detective stories of the 20th, and the new modernists of the 21st -- follow her as she travels through the points at which fact and fiction intersect.

Book Cover Image: Title: Loud and Clear, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It Loud and Clear
Quindlen combines commentary on American society and the world at large with reflections on being a woman, a writer, and a mother. Grounding the public in the private, connecting people to each other and to the greater world, she encourages us to develop authentic lives, even as she serves as a catalyst for political and social change.

Book Cover Image: Title: A Short Guide to a Happy Life, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It A Short Guide to a Happy Life
In this unusual and beautiful book, Quindlen reflects on what it takes to "get a life" -- to live deeply and uniquely rather than to merely get through our days. Beautifully designed with evocative photos, the handbook offers guidance on how to live with awareness. She guides us with an understanding that comes from knowing how to see the view, the richness in living.

Book Cover Image: Title: How Reading Changed My Life, Author: Anna Quindlen Buy It How Reading Changed My Life
In this short, entertaining book, Quindlen describes her inner life as a reader -- a life that other confirmed bibliophiles will recognize with delight and not a few rueful smiles. In describing her childhood, adolescence, and adult years, Quindlen marks the passages of time with the self-awareness she gained reading different novels, from A Wrinkle in Time to Middlemarch.

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