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The Book as a Whole: Defining Success

What do you think defines a "successful" life? According to your definition, who is the most successful character in Rise and Shine? Does success equal happiness? How does that concept play out in the novel, and what do Bridget and Meghan come to understand by the end?

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Note: This topic refers to the book as a whole.

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Re: The Book as a Whole: Defining Success

I think that success is relative. You can not define success as one state of being, or one type of life. Both Meghan and Bridget have been equally successful in life, but in different ways. I think the underlying theme in this novel is not to sweat the small stuff. All it really took for Meghan to hit the horse again, was for a major life changing event to play out. She had to think to herself, "Do I really want to hide the rest of my days in Jamaica, or do I want to use what I know to help my son and prove justice will still be served. Something like that really makes you think about what is important in life. And also, be thankful for the memories and people that surround us with whom we get to share that life with.
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