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January at General Fiction

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I know, you haven’t even stopped singing Jingle Bells and I’m talking about January :smileyhappy:


Bridge of Scarlet Leaves  The month long featured read is a sentimental, hard to read WWII story about a Japanese American Man and a Caucasian American Woman and what happens to them and during the war. It’s a love story, but it’s a dark one, it’s a true look at what really went on across our land, when the residents were guided by fear and by prejudice, it shows some real heroes and real villains too. Bridge of Scarlet Leaves is an amazing novel and I know you will all enjoy not only the read but the author’s participation. Here’s my review and a Q&A with Kristina who we first met in February 2012 when the novel came out. Check out Kristina’s website to learn more about her and her love of history.


Our second feature is our brand new Nook feature, I’m still tweaking the details so for January we’re going to start with a Free Friday Nook selection, check through the Free Friday selections and pick out one you’d like to read then nominate it on the thread dedicated to it here. To find the selections click here for the Nook Blog


I have some amazing New Release features planned in January


The Chronicles of Downton Abbey  For you Downton Abbey fans I have a Q&A with the author of the two companion books
the first one titled The World of Downton Abbey and this latest just released in late November called Chronicles of Downton Abbey, Jessica Fellowes. Jessica is also the niece of the creator of Downton Abbey Julian Fellows. Watch for it the first week in January.



The Death of Bees  1-1-13 Also the first week of January I’ll have a NewRelease Feature for The Death Of Bees by Lisa O’Donnell. This novel was also chosen by B&N for the Discover New Author series as a part of B&N reviews so look for that sometime in the winter. So I’m honored that she agreed to a Q&A with little old me.



The K Street Affair  1-8-13 The second week of the new year I’ll be featuring a talented relatively new author (this is her second book) Mari Passananti and her newest release The K Street Affair. Mari is an interesting guest and I’ll give you one hint into her background, she’s a first generation American.



The Thief of Auschwitz  1-15-13 My New Release feature will by The Thief of Auschwitz by Jon Clinch. Jon’s first novel Finn is a dark look into the father of Huckleberry Finn, it made a lot of wave’s in the literary field so I’m looking forward to reading this novel and who knows it may end up being featured somewhere else on the forum this year too.


I’m  still working on the last two weeks of the month but be sure and stop by the forum often to see what’s going on and while you’re there chat a bit and let us know what’s going on in your reading life.


I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!!!