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March at General Fiction We're going Overseas with Beatriz Williams

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March at the General Fiction forum



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It’s been a long winter for some more than others but thankfully there are definite signs of Spring. Spring reads are popping up more often and soon it’ll be time for beach reads, summer vacations and kids off school for the summer. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
March at the General Fiction forum is a buffet of different types of reads and a month-long feature that was my top pick for 2012.
So let’s get to it.



For our month long feature we’re going to be reading Overseas by author Beatriz Williams who has graciously agreed to spend the month with us.

Those of you who follow me know that Overseas was my top pick for 2012 and I hope after joining me in March you’ll agree.

I really look forward to this conversation and Beatriz’s visit.



Here are my New Release features for March


March 5th – Anthology You’re Still The One I have a Q&A with three of the authors

            Mary Carter (who you’ll remember from The Pub Across the Pond)

            Elizabeth Bass

            Cathy Lamb


March 6th – Jeanine Cummins The Crooked Branch


March 12th – Kevin Alan MilneOne Good Thing


March 17th –Jane Green Family Pictures


March 26th –Robyn Carr-The Wanderer



The March Nook feature- this is a feature at a crossroads. I’ve really enjoyed our previous nook reads but, (yes there’s always a but) the last several months there has been little or no interest, in fact there were no readers for the January read and if the February author Marilyn Brant hadn’t had readers outside the B&N forums it would have been a total of one participant.
Now that’s fine with me if there’s just one, but please go to the General Fiction forum and let me know if you want the nook feature to continue.
If the answer is yes then let’s have suggestions for the March Nook Feature  


So enjoy your March and plan to spend some if not all of it at the General Fiction forum.  


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