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New Features for the Book Clubs and Barnes& Community!

Hello Everyone!


I am pleased to announce the release of a number of new features for the Book Clubs and the Barnes& community at large.   Here’s a list of what’s new, which I will explain in greater detail below.


  • Over 150 new avatars
  • My Library expanded to hold up to 5,000 titles
  • Laurels – a voting system for Book Clubs posts
  • Q&A – a special “question and answer” system for use in certain Book Clubs boards
  • A new, more extensive and dynamic ranking system for the Book Clubs
  • Ability to post images of book covers on the Book Clubs using the “Add Product” button
  • Book Clubs statistics now show up on your My B&N profile page
  • Signing in and out of the Book Clubs is now smoother and simpler
  • Search results for CDs and DVDs when adding to lists are more accurate
  • Suggested titles are now randomized daily
  • New Book Clubs boards that take advantage of these new features



New Avatars


We are now offering a much larger and substantially more diverse collection of avatars.  Since the avatars are now so numerous and varied, we’ve created categories for them. 


In order to see the new avatar selection (and to change your avatar), click on the red “My B&N” button up on the top of the page.   This will take you to your My B&N profile – you should see your avatar on the top left side of the page, with a button below to change it.   This brings up a window with all the avatars you can choose from.  When you are looking at the available avatars, simply click on the list of avatars on the left-hand side of the window to see all the different kinds we have to offer.


My Library


In response to the amount of reading our community has been doing, My Library has now been expanded to hold a total of 5,000 books, movies, and DVDs.




Laurels – the new green buttons that you see on the right side of every message - are a way of showing your appreciation for a post that you’ve read here on the Book Clubs.   Did someone say something that you think is insightful, funny, or profound; something that made you look at a book in a new way, or helped you learn something?  Simply click on the green button to reward that post with laurels.  Getting laurels from other users – and giving them out yourself – contributes to your rank here at the Book Clubs and will eventually grant you the ability to give larger numbers of laurels – as well as access to special features.




Q&A is a new feature that is designed to make certain boards more efficient.  Since this feature will have slightly different uses in the different boards where it appears, I’ll post detailed explanations in those boards.




Tags are a new feature that helps you keep track of information in the way that makes the most sense to you.  If you see a lot of different posts in different boards that are all about a certain genre of fiction, you can give all of those posts the same tag – and then use that tag to pull up all of those posts in different areas.  You can use a tag to indicate a subject of interest in a post, a particular author, a note that you’d like to see more information on the topic, or anything you like.  And other users’ tags are visible to you as well, so if you see that someone’s tagging posts in a useful way, you can use those same tags and add posts to them yourself as well.




While we’ve had ranking system here on the Book Clubs for quite some time, the community has long since outgrown it – most regular poster became “Frequent Contributors” some time ago. 


We are now introducing more ranks to accounts for the growth of our community as well as many of the new features we’ve introduced. 


The newer ranks aren’t based only on your post count – they’re based on your overall community activity.  This includes not only your post count but things like the number of threads you’ve initiated, the number of laurels that you’ve received and that you’ve given to other users, the tags that you’ve contributed to the community and so on.   As you advance in rank you’ll not only be able to give out larger numbers of laurels, but you’ll have access to special features and posting privileges. 


Expanded “Add Product” Button


We’ve expanded the functionality of our “Add Product” button so that you can now include images of book covers in your Book Clubs posts.


My B&N


Your My B&N profile now includes data about your Book Clubs activities, including your rank, number of posts, number of laurels, and the last three threads that you posted.  This information appears in the “My B&N Book Clubs” section of your profile once you have been active in the Book Clubs.


Signing In and Signing Out


We’ve made some technical changes that make the process of signing in to Barnes& and the Book Clubs simpler and faster.   For more detailed discussion of this issue please see the “Signing In and Signing Out” thread in our Help board.


My Favorite DVDs and CDs


When you search for DVDs and CDs to add to My Library, to your favorites, or to an EssentiaList, the results are now substantially more accurate.


Suggested Titles


The Suggested Titles appearing at the top of your My B&N profile are now changed daily.


New Boards


Last but not least – we’ve started a couple new boards which put some of these great new features into practice.  They’re still in “beta” right now – but please jump in and check them out!  More details on how these new boards work and what they are all about will be posted in the boards themselves.


We hope you enjoy all of these new features we’ve worked hard to bring to you!  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the thread about these features in the Community Room.


Need some help setting up your My B&N profile? Click here!

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