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Our new blog - Unabashedly Bookish - is now live!

Hello everyone,


I'd like to welcome you all to check out our new community blog, Unabashedly Bookish


We've got two great articles to start you off with... a post from Paul Goat Allen on the underappreciated importance of science fiction, and a post from our new grammar expert, Ellen Scordato, on the practice of splitting infinitives.


There will be a couple more articles coming later today, and of course even more good stuff tomorrow and the day after and onwards and upwards... so be on the lookout for some great posts from old friends like Bethanne, Monty, and Ilana and from some new voices too!  Next week Kelly Corrigan, the first of our guest authors, will start blogging with us every Monday and will be posting throughout May... and once we really get rolling, Book Clubs members who've risen through the ranks and have demonstrated great writing skills may be asked if they want to blog with us as well!


So come on in and check the place out and if you enjoy the articles, please leave comments to encourage the authors, ask them questions, and help create more stimulating dialogue about the world of words and books!


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