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Favorite Lines?

I'm bowled over by some of the images and lines here: one of my faves so far (page 18):

"Before long, Angelica's metamorphosis accelerated: her hair crossed forests of chestnut to arrive at fields of jet, and over the cold northern seawater of her eyes swept slicks of Italian ink."
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Re: Favorite Lines?

One of my favorites opens chapter XVIII, "The moon thickened, its swelling nearly complete, here and there threads of cloud drew faces across its surface, scowls turned slightly away, significant glances withheld in shadows." Perfect imagery for a ghost story...
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Re: Favorite Lines?

Although I don't know what to call it, there's a figure of speech used a few times which is based on the repetition of a word, similar to "we can agreeably agree to disagree."

These are not exact, but "Constance was prone to being in a prone position." "He condescendingly thanked me for my condescension." "He was in extremis, and so no solution could be too extreme."

I also suspect that Third's "usual haunts" is a pun, but I can't say for sure yet.
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Re: Favorite Lines?

This is in a different vein than the lines listed so far, but very memorable to me:

"Have you never wondered, dear, why it is we should appear to glide? Surely they have told you that in your life. 'Women should glide.' It is simple. If we glide, then we have no legs. And if we have no legs, men need not be tormented by the thought of our legs." ... "Anywhere that women live free of men," Anne said, "they live with legs."

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.
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