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Does anyone watch The Glee Project???

If you have, This is a place to talk about your favorite contestants, music videos and cast moments.

I'm on team Samuel

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Re: Does anyone watch The Glee Project??? >>SPOILERS<<



Of the final four, I'm glad Damien co-won.


I still think Hannah should have made it to the final four. They kept talking about how Lindsey is some great actress, but that must have ended up on the editing room floor. Also, her singing ability is pretty much limited to belting showtunes. Any other genre they gave her showed just how limited she is/was. And don't get me started on her attitude.


Personally, I think the show was a great experiment in audience response testing. What a great way to find out what works and doesn't before they're even cast. It wouldn't surprise me to see almost any of them ending up in an episode at some point.


My other early favorites that got eliminated were Mattias & Ellis.