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Dvd reviews

NCIS Los Angeles season one review I don't know if I'll post this review on barnes and noble as well maybe let feedback by my friends here help the decision well on to the review. First I have to say the cast is perfect. Chris O'Donnel and Ll Cool J have this incredicle chemisty with their light banter that partners have. It is that relationship that draws the viewer in and makes them connect with them. O'Donnel's character is the mysterious G. Callen, a man who is a mystery when to himself. Starting with his name as he tells Hetty(more on her later), he doesn't know what the G. stands for. Callen has an incredible talent to become any undercover alter-ego with ease. Much of this series is about him discovering who he really is? Cool J plays Sam Hanna, a former navy seal. This is an action driven show and Cool J. as well as the rest of the cast do their own fight scenes and stunts. He is very strong and fit person and they use that to create Sam Hanna as the body guard type of friend who uses his strengh to protect the ones he loves. Linda Park plays Hetty Lange, my favorite character. Linda Park is a woman of small size but her performance is huge. Hetty is the unit's case manager, effectively making her the boss even though Rocky Carrol who plays Leon Vance is the true boss as director of NCIS. Hetty takes no bull but she loves her team as their family bringing a mother feel especially for Callen who has no known family. Daniella Ruah plays Kensi. She's a tomboy agent who kinda has a sibling relationship with Callen and Hanna which is one of the things I love about series is the family atomsphere as I mentioned also with Hetty. Peter Cambor plays Nate, the team's profiler and councelor. I love Nate cause he can reading people so well but also is so socially awkward. He's so funny as a result. Barret Foa plays Eric the tech specialist, one of the huge things for this series is how they use video cameras to gather all their vital information. Eric's skills are essential for the team's success. On disc one it includes the two part episode called Legends from NCIS which introduced the Los Angeles team for the first time. In the ending of part two, Callen is gunned down. One of the story plotlines is who shot him and why? Another plotline for this season is Agent Dom. Dom was the rookie member of the team. At some point he's kidnapped, later he's found but he's killed in the rescue. These events greatly effect the morale of the team. The third storyline which will carry on through the series is G. Callen's journey in trying to discover who he is?
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