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Movie: SCREAM 4

I saw "Scream 4" on April 16.  The movie plays tricks on you at the beginning and, for a pleasant surprise, Anna Paquin makes a cameo appearance.  It's a hauntingly nostalgic trip to Woodsboro and you can hear your own heart thumping with the dread of that Ghostface making his awful appearance.  It was wonderful to see the old gang back -- Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Officer Dewey (David Arquette), and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox).  Oh, an update....Officer Dewey has been promoted to Sheriff and he is now married to Gale Weathers.

Since "Scream 4" is rated R, there are brutal slayings but this is the norm for the SCREAM movie franchise.  There are the usual jump-out-of-your seat scenes and that Ghostface slices up his victims like a spiral cut Honey Baked Ham.  The screaming and the chasing pursue and the audience keeps asking for more.  The body count is high in this version.  This movie contains a well-convoluted plot twist that only Wes Craven could have concocted. 

Another installment?  As long as this franchise makes money at the box office, Ghostface will not be in the unemployment line.

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Re: Movie: SCREAM 4

I. LOVED. IT! My wife did too!