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I saw "The Help" on August 10.  Having read the book, it became a quest of mine to see the movie.  For those who have read the book, you will be pleased but with one exception, i.e., something major was done regarding Constantine's daughter.  When you see her daughter make her entrance, you will know what I am talking about.

Viola Davis will definitely be nominated for Best Actress for her part of Aibileen.  This lady has that talent to convey acting through her eyes.  When she breaks down about the loss of her son, Treelore, the Oscar can be engraved with her name on it.

Octavia Spencer as Minny plays an integral part in this story about the plight of maids in Jackson, Mississippi during 1962-63.  Minny has a way of revenge with Hilly Holbrook who is the town's biggest racist and hypocrite.  The "Terrible Awful" is revealed in the book that Skeeter writes and soon all the folks in Jackson will know about it.  This hilarious scene is re-enacted and the audience was in guffaws when Minny tells Hilly what main ingredient was in that pie she was eating.  Her mother played by Sissy Spacek thinks its hilarious, too.  I think Octavia will be nominated for an Oscar also. 

Emma Stone is great as "Skeeter" Phelan.  She wants to be a writer and has the goal to write a book with a conspiracy of maids confessing about the dirty laundry in Jackson. 

There is another funny scene where Skeeter plays a prank on purpose and tells the citizens in a newsletter to leave toilets instead of coats on Hilly's front lawn.  When Hilly comes out and witnesses the Press and the town gazing at her front lawn, she has a meltdown.

Hilly is portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard and her character is so mean-spirited and played for all its bigoted worth that I think she will be nominated for an Oscar.

I can't leave out Celia Foote in this film.  She is naive but can steal a scene from time to time.  She's also very kind to Minny and far different from other white bosses.  Minny befriends Celia and gives her confidence in herself after suffering from a miscarriage.  Celia is played by Jessica Chastain.

Some historical events are presented in this movie such as the murder of Medgar Evers and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The cast is brilliant and the story is a knockout.  There is sentimentility as well as the quest to correct something that just isn't right.  This film was shot in Mississippi so the setting is perfect.  Tate Taylor can be praised for directing this movie that tells a damn good story.

"The Help" has a very good chance of being nominated for Best Picture of the Year.

Bring a handkerchief!

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Re: Movie: THE HELP

I agree Viola Davis is wonderful. In the beginning of the movie Skeeter asks Aibileene, "Did you want to be something else other than a maid?" and Viola (Aibileene) looks at Skeeter and gives a small nod. Viola conveyed so many emotions in that small look and nod that my eyes welled up immediately! Wow!


I did see an interview with Octavia Spencer (on the Nate Berkus show) and apparently Kathryn Stockette had met her in New Orleans while she was writing the help. She used Octavia as inspiration for the character of Minnie. Despite that, Ocatavia still had to audition for the movie.