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Podcasts, Web Television

In iight of the exciting news about HBO's new show The Ricky Gervais Show I'm wondering what people's favorite podcasts or web television shows are? The Ricky Gervais Show will debut mid-February, and is an animated show based on the oh so funny comedy podcasts that he, his writing partner Stephen Merchant, and friend Karl Pilkington do together.


Any other good podcasts or video podcasts that people are into? Lets share! These are some of mine:


The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling - a podcast based on a weekly 3 hour free form radio show out of New Jersey. Truly hilarious, sometimes nerdy stuff that features regular callers, a pretend caller, and a great great host.


How Stuff Works - informative podcast where two gentleman take a tough subject (something like "narco states" and then explain it backwards and forwards for people to understand how it works.


IFanboy - I love comic books, and this is a weekly rundown of new comic books out that week. They also do a video show.


Comedy Death-Ray Radio - Hosted by Scott Aukerman, this is a great podcast for any comedy nerd. It features a slew of the funniest improv and underground comedians who mostly riff and assume characters for the hour. They also play some 3 or 4 good, funny songs each week.


The Sounds of Young America - Alt set NPR maybe? Whatever the description the host does a great job interviewing a range of actors, writers, techies, etc...