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Review Rewards Sweepstakes

Hi all, this is an announcement about a very cool rewards sweepstakes contest here on B& How to enter, and how to win, is simple:


Write a review of 100 words or more for any product available on B& between now and June 1st and earn a chance to win a dream trip to Hawaii, San Francisco, the Bahamas, Orlando, or Las Vegas for four people! If you're the first person to review a product, it counts as two entries. Good luck!


So get to it! Lets hear your snappy reviews in the world of Arts & Entertainment. Don't forget to "Add Product" links so that people can look at the products you're telling us about.

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Re: Review Rewards Sweepstakes

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia Series #5) The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia Series #5) Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis 



My first thought when picking up this book was what an amazing cover art it had. When I began reading it, it became the words that intrigued me. I was nearly blown away by the words that seemed to float, not run along the pages. I took my time reading every word; for Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis truly is an amazing read. It is, personally, my favorite work of his. Inside, I read of a ship that would take three young children along a journey to fight for Aslan, a lion whom lived and thrived in a world of many magical and mythical creatures and beings. Narnia. A world of talking animals! I loved this book (mostly because of Aslan!) Also, because of the fact that there were talking animals in it. I enjoyed reading this book and I think anyone with a craving to learn from an inspiring imagination will, too!

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Re: Review Rewards Sweepstakes

Robin Hood  


Robin Hood is an action/adventure starring Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett who both did fine performances as Robin Hood(Crowe) and Lady Marion(Blanchett). This movie is a prequel leading up to legend of Robin Hood. The movie starts with King Richard the Lionheart leading his army in the crusades. Robin Longstride was one of the archers for Richard. Also among the army is three of Robin's key members of his Merry Men, Little John(Kevin Durand), Will Scarlet(Scott Grimes), and Allan A'Dayle(Alan Doyle). France plots for killing Richard but, when their assassin Godfrey(Mark Strong) makes his move he's told Richard already dead by Sir Robert Loxley(Douglas Hodge). Loxley asks Robin just before his death to take his sword to his father which Robin agrees. Robin and his Merry Men, dress as knights to return Richard's crown. Robin is asked to pretend to be Robert Loxley by his father Sir. Walter Loxley(Max von Sydow), cause he's sickly and when he dies if his son is declared dead Marion will lose her land. Marion doesn't like the idea but, she warms up to Robin along the way. Godfrey still ploting with France stirs up the northern villages and they decide they want to fight newly King John, cause of it. France's idea is to attack while England is fighting among themselves. Robin helps unite all the villages to fight the French with agreement from John that he would sign into law a decree that would limit the crown's power. However John refuses at the end, sighting that his power given to him by God. He declares Robin an outlaw and so the legend begins

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