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A new question for NOOK Tablet owners only please:

As I've been trying to determine these past few days if the screen on my NOOK Tablet is really shot and asking questions about it in here from you Folks, I'm finding through your answers that you really do love your NOOKS. I believe I do have to get a new one, but before I do: Why NOOK? If money were no option (within reason), and you could replace what you have with anything out there, would you still get a NOOK? Why? Give me ten reasons or just give me one. Try to remind me of things maybe I've forgotten about why I love my NOOK. What features or services, big things or little things, hardware or software keep you coming back to your NOOK?  Why does it just have to be a NOOK? Conversely, if not a NOOK, then what? And why?

In advance thank you for thinking about this one and taking the time to answer. Be assured that I will read every reply with much thought before I buy my replacement.

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A lot has changed in the 18-19 months since the NT was first introduced. You have a lot more options/choices now. And every user has different needs/requirements. So reasons like the HD/HD+ series.


1) Screens have always been excellent.

2) Sd card for expandability.

3) With addition of GooglePlay store, have access to a lot more apps without having to go through hoops. (One just really needed, a couple that have made my life a little easier.)

4) If you compare the HD+ to iPad4, screen real estate on HD+ is smaller (lose about an inch on one side and 1/2 on other, something like that.) But is 1/3 lighter so can hold it with one hand for longer periods of time.(Yes, am comparing without a case.)

5) HD's dont have cameras. (And yes, for some, this is an issue and they want a camera. Personally, I dontneed it, so glad its not there.)

6) It's easy to sideload (books/photos etc) onto the HD's (yes, realize some users are having problems with MTP interface.)


Some cons:

1) Original browser with Article view is gone. (Yes, there are add-ons and pinch/tap will do something similar.) Safari browser on iPad still has this built-in feature.

2) With the addition of Google Play and google's disregard for battery life, getting battery life back up to where it was took a littlle work. And requires a little maintenance (any time you add a new app or update an app, you need to check the settings to make sure they havent reverted to a default.)

3) Apple will always have more apps. (They may not be better apps, but they will always have more.) Though ironically, that one app I wanted/needed still isnt available through iTunes, only GP store.


There is no perfect device, there is no perfect app store. Whatever you decide, it will probably be missing something. Make a list of what you need. Make a list of what you want. Only purchase a device that does what you want it to when you purchase it. Dont buy something because it "might" do it in the future.


How's that?

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