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Are the Harry Potter ebooks available on "nook for web" when I buy them through Pottermore?

I want to buy the Harry Potter series. Can I read them on the browser based e-reader when they are purchased through pottermore? Its quite an investment so I want to know before I make the purchase. Thanks.

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No, unfortunately.


A lot of books, especially new releases but some older books too, aren't available for Nook for Web.  You can use any of the downloaded apps to read them, as long as after you buy at Pottermore you use the link to import them to your B&N library.


What you can do is to install a plugin to your broswer to read epubs.  I use the epubreader plugin for firefox.  As the pottermore books don't have restrictive DRM (they have watermarking instead), you can save them to your hard drive or a flash drive and use the browser plugin to read them in your browser.