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Broken Screen on STGL

My Simple Touch screen broke after 3 months of use; I was told by the customer service agent in Bangalore that B & N does not replace broken screens (unlike Amazon, which replaces broken Kindles immediately.) Please submit photos of your broken Nook to Instagram and use the hashtag #nookfail. Let's see if we can shame B&N into supporting their products.

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What does 'broke after 3 months of use' mean.


did you drop it?

Did it just break from normal use?


Don't go by customer service because sometimes they don't know.


Call your local store or best - go into your local store.



It varies with Amazon. Some customer service reps replace immediately and some ask if you have the insurance package.


I've been on those forums a lot and there are people complaining there too and also lot sof people happy for getting a refund when they broke the device.


Which, by the way, I know of very few companies that do - replace a device if the user broke it.


If your screen broke in normal use then the 1 year warranty will cover it. You just need to go intoa  store. Or call the local store.

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You screen is covered under warranty.  You should take it into a store, be POLITE, and the store will be able to initiate the warranty exchange.  Note that you will likely get your replacement nook in the mail and will need to send the broken one back.


That is, if you're still around and not blocked from the forums for sapmming.