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Cannot download Free Friday offerings for free.

Something on my Nook HD changed causing me to no longer be able to download these free offerings, for FREE from my Nook HD.

This problem began 3 Fridays ago. When I tap the Free Friday book offering, I am taken to a different page than on previous Fridays.  The page I am now taken to, shows the price as NaN, (stands for Not A Number in computer lingo) and if I attempt to download the book or app it clearly states I will be charged.  And this confirmation page is new as well. 

I kind of get the feeling this is a mobile B&N app I am taken to once I tap the Free Friday Book offering, like I'm not using a Nook to access this free offering. I may be incorrect in saying that, but the page is different than on previous Free Fridays.

I thought maybe it was Adobe Flash. When I checked Adobe notified me that Chrome has it's own Flash player, and the normal one is not necessary.

So I downloaded the Dolphin Browser which uses normal Flash.  But I have the exact same problem.

My "workaround" is to download the Free Fridays book/app to my computer. Which works as expected, then the book is available on my Nook shortly thereafter, so I'm not missing the free stuff. 

My Nook HD was bought in June, so it's new.

If I have not made myself clear, please ask for further explanation.  I also have a camera shot of the page I am taken to once I tap the free book.

I want to view and "purchase" the Free Fridays offerings from my Nook. I have not purchased anything else from B&N lately, so I can't say if this problem is only  affecting Free Fridays. I did download a sample of a regularly priced book that I decided to purchase and I was able to do that from within the sample itself with no problems.

Any help is appreciated.


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