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Does Nook HD required credit card if i'm downloading ebooks from public library?
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I been reading that the Nook HD requires a credit card in order to download ebooks via NOOK store, if I'm not going to be using Nook store would it still ask me for my credit card?  Is my credit card information store within the tablet? I do not want personal data in case the Nook HD ever gets stolen or lost.

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I can't remember off hand if it requires a CC at registration.  If it does, enter one, and then when you're done you can clear it out as long as you aren't planning on buying anything from B&N. 


Paypal isn't compatible with any of the Nook stuff as far as I know. 


You can use a prepaid debit card as well.  But, if you are going to use it as your default registration it needs to be one that can be tied to an address.  The ones you purchase at places like Walmart or grocery stores usually can't do that, but the ones you purchase at the bank usually can.
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You need a B&N account to set up device. 99% sure the account has to have a valid credit card associated with it in order to register.


The NC/NT and HD's all allow for you to put a passcode on the device so cant be easily opened.


You can also check the box that requires your b&n password in order to make purchases.


You can manage your credit card from the device. But here's something interesting; if you try to do it with wifi off, there's no info, it just spins, brings up icon to pull up wifi. If the wifi is connected, you can see your name, last four digits of your cc#, type of card, and expiration date.

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