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Does "Read Instantly" always indicate that the whole book is available?

So, I'm confused about whether a book having a "Read Instantly" option always means that if I purchase it the whole book will be available via the BN website.


For example, An Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis is not available as an eBook, but it has a "Read Instantly" tag. Does that mean that the whole book will be available to read via my BN account if I order the hard cover, or is that just telling me there's a sample available? How can I tell the difference?

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If the book isn't available as an ebook or PDF, then it's not available to read online or in any other digital format.  The sample you can read instantly is just that, a sample.

by JerryRaceCarDriver ‎05-31-2013 01:51 AM - edited ‎05-31-2013 01:52 AM

So basically sometimes "Read Instantly" means you can read the whole book, and sometimes it means you can only read a sample.

Is there any obvious way to know which it is without buying the book? As far as I can tell it displays the same logo / banner on the book cover in either case.

by on ‎05-31-2013 12:26 PM
The only way you can read the whole book online is if the book is sold as an ebook and you buy the ebook.
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This book looks as if it's a textbook, and it may be possible to read the whole book in a web browser despite no epub or PDF variant existing.


I just signed into my BN account and now I haven't seen a page I could not read;  I'm thinking this is a Nook Study book and operates under different guidelines than most samples.  

The sample layout is completely different from anything I've seen on the BN site before - I asked FlyingToastr for input on this, I think he knows the Nook Study and college books better than anyone else, but it looks as if this can be read from a browser.


Hope I didn't just accidentally rent it :smileyhappy:

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I *think* that in this case the entire book is posted as a sample - if you look in the upper right corner, you'll see that it says "Print Sample". The pub gets to choose how much to post, so... maybe the pub chose to post the whole thing?

This looks like completely standard print sample format to me.


FWIW, given that the entire thing can be read without buying, I'd only buy this book if I needed to be able to highlight stuff and take notes in the margins.

by on ‎06-03-2013 02:27 PM
If you're not signed into a BN account, much less of the book is visible than if you are signed in, and the navigation is well executed once you're logged in - it seems very well done and is why I think this may be a Nook Study title and using that framework.
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I've seen quite a few samples with this setup, and the others were not textbooks (they were commercial fiction titles, so I don't *think* they were textbooks). Maybe this is the format that all samples are moving to? The others did not give the entire book, but everything else was the same.


As an aside, I always think it's dumb that B&N shows me as signed into my account and then makes me sign in again to do things like read entire samples or view account details.  Either I'm signed in or I'm not.  Get it together, B&N.