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Giving my old nook to my Mom.

I bought a new Nook, registered it to myself. I have an old one that I want to give to my Mom. She has no idea how to use it or anything. She wants me to manage it for her, so she can just come over and download a book (since she doesn't have WiFi). So basically, how can I manage the Nook I'm giving to her without her having to see all of my books? We don't have the same taste.

She doesn't have a B&N acct, will never go online, etc. I'm fine with my cc info on it. So I want to manage it for her but I don't want her to have to see all my books in her library.


And if I keep it registered under myself, and archive all my books, if everytime I purchase a new book and she comes over with her Nook for me to download a book she wants, will my books automatically download to her Nook (since it's still registered under me)?

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Easy.  Create a new account for yourself at B&N, your same name, your same credit card number, but different e-mail address.  Then register her Nook and buy her books on that account.


You'll just need to remember to log in and out on the B&N site to be careful not to buy her books on your account and vice versa.

by seacitylady on ‎02-14-2013 04:14 PM
I am thinking of doing the same thing for my mother. Have a question. Does the name of the registerd user have to match the name on the credit card? I would like to be able to register the device in her name but to use my credit card # for the account. to pay for any purchases.
by on ‎02-15-2013 11:26 AM
No, the name does not have to match.