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Help With Adobe Ereader. It won't recognize my Nook HD

I had a Nook Simple Touch and upgraded to a Nook HD. I wanted to transfer books I had on my Adobe Digital Ereader onto my new nook but the ereader won't recognize it. I've found steps on the internet that tell you too delete the adobe digital editions folder on your nook drive and then restarting the adobe ereader and your nook but it doesn't work. I've done it countless times. I even deregistered my nook simple touch and uninstalled adobe ereader several times and deleted my adobe ereader digital folder to see if that helped and nothing. Does anyone know how to get it to work?


Thank you.

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The HD devices dont get authorized by ADE the same way as the older nook devices (NC/NT/NST.)


On the HD, go to Settings, then Account Settings, then AdobeDigital Editions. Enter your id and password for ADE in there.  Attach your HD to your computer. Copy your other books over to your HD.

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