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How can I update my review of the Frida Kahlo DVD I just received?

Yesterday, I received the documentary on Frida Kahlo I ordered last week.  A few minutes ago, I posted an incomplete review -- incomplete because the space for the review had trouble expanding after four lines, and continued acting up as I struggled to type while being unable to see what I was typing.  Is there any way somebody could 1) let me finish my review and 2) fix the space for the review so I can see what I'm typing?  It would be much appreciated.


Thank you very much for your time.



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You can go to the website and add your review there. There's more than enough space.


From the Nook did you try pressing the Enter button to go to the next line? It's the one that has 'Return' written on it.


When you go to a product page from Nook - you go to the 'Reviews' tab and just Write a Review. It should work.

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