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How do you get cover pages to show on the Nook HD+?

I just bought a Nook HD+ yesterday after years of using a Sony reader.  I transferred all of my pdf files to the Nook after signing into ADE on the Nook, but none of the cover pages show in the library or bookshelf views.


When I go into the book, it opens fine and the cover shows fine, it is just in the book listing and bookshelf listing that they show as a grey block with the file name.  This wouldn't be a huge deal except that whoever created some of the files I bought tended to be a bit lazy.  I have one with the title "B" and the author "Bugs Bunny".  Seriously.  Without the cover pictures I'm a bit lost on some of these.


Any ideas on how to get these to show up?  The nook has been updated with the latest updates.  Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Search for posts by Compulsive Reader. There are very good instructions on how to use Calibre to get covers for sideloaded books.

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