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I am having problems with my headphone jack working in my Nook Color.

I just started using headphones in my NC last week.  They worked fine until yesterday.  I have tried 3 separate sets of headphones, and that doesn't seem to be the problem.  I know that I am pushing them in properly, because it was working just fine before.  I can get them to work a little if I pull them out just so.  But of course, if I move slightly connection is lost.  I thought maybe it needed to be cleaned, so used a dry Qtip, but that didn't work either.  Has anyone had this problem?  Any advice on something maybe I am doing wrong?

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     I have had my nook color for a long while and my head phone jack has never worked. I called Barnes and Nobles and all they said was to bring it into the store for them to check it out. Oddly enough, they found out the head phone jack doesn't work! Good thing I know how to plug in headphones! If your nook is still under warranty, which it will may be not because it is an older model, then they can have you pay half the price of a new one and send you a new one that may or may not work better than your current one. I would save up your money for something that will actually fill its intended purpose.I hate to say it, but I wishI had never gotten the nook. I have had nothing but problems with it. Hope I was help!