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Issue with eBook - New Author


I am a new Author. I recently uploaded my eBook to PubIt, reviewed it - it looked fine, then put the book on-sale. I purchased a copy of the book, started reviewing it in Nook on my iphone and realized that every version of the manuscript that I had uploaded was included at the top of the Table of Contents. When I uploaded a corrected version, it did not override the previous version.


I sent a message to the support team. And haven't heard anything back. I took the book down after a couple of days, and have sent 2 more messages to the support team regarding this issue. Haven't heard a thing from the PubIt support team.


Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how do I correct it? I am afraid to upload another version for fear it will not override the previous version as it should.


Also, my Table of Contents did not consistently direct to the correct chapter ...


Thanks for any assistance. I'm finding that B&N PubIt is not very user / Author friendly.

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You need to ask this at Nook press help board. This is the wrong board. Someone should be able to help you there.
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