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Move an item from Nook Study to Nook Color

Where did nook study hide my purchase?

I bought it to read on my Nook Color. I only installed nook study so I could down load my file.

I do not have wirelsess so i can't download the file directly onto the Nook. The file will not download from my browser AT ALL.

I guess I won't be buying any more Art Of Century. Pity, they seem very nice.



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Are you logged into your B&N account right now? Up at the top of the page is a section called "My Nook." Select that. Now look for section called "My Books" Look for your bookand see if you can download a copy.(Its a page perfect book, so might not work. but should in theory.) Sideload copy to your nook.


On nook study, if you are logged into your account and youve synced, the book should appear in your library.


See if either of these work.

by cookiebun on ‎05-18-2013 12:50 AM
No, you didn't read my message carefully or I wrote it poorly.
I did finally find the file and load it onto my Nook Color. It still will not open. IT ONLY WORKS ON NOOK STUDY! I bought it for my Nook Color, I knew nothing about Nook Study. I had to call customer service who told me I needed Nook Study. The file is SUPPOSED to work on Nook Color but the device doesn't see it when I side load it from the pc (I found where Nook Study had hidden it.)
I would not have bought this book in a million years for any amount of money had I been told I would only be able to read it on the pc. I did not spend $120+ on a Nook only to find out many of the books I was interested in could only be read on Nook Study. I want a solution to this or a refund. I always download my purchases to the pc and then transfer via USB. I DO NOT HAVE WIRELESS.
PS I just up dated the firmware and I still can't see or open my book.
Damn it!
by kamas716 ‎05-18-2013 03:44 AM - edited ‎05-18-2013 03:45 AM

cookiebun, please stop shouting, it's not an efficient way to garner support. We are users like you. We understand your frustration but tend to take offense when yelled at.

Yes, this is a pageperfect ebook, and in order to sideload it you'll need to utilize either NookStudy or Nook for Win8. I've not used NookStudy to sideload to a NC, so I may not be the best advisor. I pretty much just use NookStudy as a way to get a better view of the maps/photos in some of the books I read.

However, it's my understanding that once you get your ebook downloaded to the program the only way to move it to your NC is to go to your documents folder on your PC, open the "My Barnes & Noble eBooks" folder, find the ebook file you want to move to your NC, copy it and paste it into your NC's memory (I usually choose the 'books' folder under 'my files' on my NST or NT). I've not seen an interface that pops up with NookStudy when I connect either of my Nooks like when using Nook for PC.

When you say it won't open on your NC, does it give you a message of any sort? Is it asking for an unlock code or something? I did notice that the file size was 36MB, so it may take awhile to load.

What do you mean that "Nook Study had hidden it"? Are you talking about on your PC or on your NC?

If you continue to have difficulty with NookStudy, you may want to visit someplace with free WiFi and download it directly to your NC. If there isn't a B&N handy, many coffee shops and restaurants offer it. I also noticed that the local library and a couple of the convenience stores are also offering it as well.

by NookGardener ‎05-18-2013 10:36 AM - edited ‎05-18-2013 10:37 AM

Probably the easiest thing to do is follow kamas advice: find a place with free wifi and download it there.

As far as your initial post was concerned, it was late, I was tired, just saw part about nook study. Totallymissed the part about the browser and that you had already tried it. But I was just trying to help you come up with a work around.

IMO, PagePerfect books are nothing more than glorified pdfs. There is absolutely no good reason that the book in question shouldnt be accessable via nook for pc. And you should be able to sideload it to your pc. Again, JMO, this is a publisher issue, not a B&N issue. When start viewing individual PP books and what devices they are available for, you start to see it. Some pageperfect books are available for everything except eink (which depending on the book, makes some sense), you'll see some that arent available for apple ios too, and the most restrictive wont let you back up on nook for pc either.

Hope you find a place with free wifi and get your book!

by cookiebun ‎05-18-2013 07:27 PM - edited ‎05-18-2013 07:30 PM

Sorry for the shouting, I was irritated. The setup of this forum is very strange, bty.. It's difficult to find your previous posts.
Problem solved here's how I did it.
1) Download and install Nook Study that the phone call to Customer Service told you about.
2) Open Nook Study and download the files you purchased that kept giving you the unhelpful message "Oops, this file can not be downloaded from your browser"  then failed to tell you how they COULD be downloaded..
3) Nook Study hides your files in the C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks\yourbarnes&nobleemailaccountaddress.folder.
4)Download and install latest firmware for your Nook. In my case:
5)Transfer a copy of your book to :\My Files\Books on your Nook.
6)Disconnect nook from PC
7) Your book should now be visible in your library, open.
8) Enter your name and the credit card number that is registered to your Nook that the clerks at the Barnes & Noble store SWORE you'd never have to enter into the device.
9) Finally enjoy book.

It would have been very helpful if the B&N website had in big bold letters "This File Can Not Be Downloaded From Your Browser To a Windows 7 PC. Nook Study Or Windows 8 Required.

by NookGardener on ‎05-22-2013 07:53 AM
It would be helpful if it was in big, bold letters. Instead, you need to click on the little ? (think it says "available for these devices") to see what devices you can download the book to.

Glad you got it working!
by on ‎05-22-2013 01:21 PM
"3) Nook Study hides your files in the C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks\yourbarnes&nobleemailaccountaddress.folder."

I would not call this hidden. I'd call this the same location that B&N puts EVERYTHING, whether it's nook study or nook for PC. Heck, it's the document folder - it's the first place most folks look.

B&N is not trying to deceive you by doing this.
by on ‎05-22-2013 01:23 PM
"Sorry for the shouting, I was irritated. The setup of this forum is very strange, bty.. It's difficult to find your previous posts."

And this is why I absolutely hate the Q&A, suggestions/ideas, and issue reporting forums.