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Move an item from Nook Study to Nook Color

Where did nook study hide my purchase?

I bought it to read on my Nook Color. I only installed nook study so I could down load my file.

I do not have wirelsess so i can't download the file directly onto the Nook. The file will not download from my browser AT ALL.

I guess I won't be buying any more Art Of Century. Pity, they seem very nice.



Accepted Solution
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Are you logged into your B&N account right now? Up at the top of the page is a section called "My Nook." Select that. Now look for section called "My Books" Look for your bookand see if you can download a copy.(Its a page perfect book, so might not work. but should in theory.) Sideload copy to your nook.


On nook study, if you are logged into your account and youve synced, the book should appear in your library.


See if either of these work.

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