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My book is still not showing up on the UK Nook site 5 months after launch.

My book is still not showing up on the UK Nook site 5 months after launch even though I have worldwide rights checked. I've emailed support regularly and they keep telling me the problem is being worked on (yeah right). My book is mainly meant for the UK market which is where I get most of my Kindle sales from. I've been super disappointed by this service. It makes Barnes & Noble look bad. Has anyone else waited this long to get on the UK Nook site?





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Jim, this is the user forum, not the author/self-publisher forum. No one is likely to have an answer for you here. (We're more about "How do you...." and "My Nook is doing ......" ) You're not likely to get a response here.


On the web page, there's a beige/gray banner that goes all across the page. Do you see it? Just below it on the left hand side, look for "Browse Book Clubs." Tap that, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Almost at the bottom is a NookPress forum. If you post you're query down there, you are more likely to get some feedback from other authors. (The only thing I know is that NookPress -which has been up for a few months now - is completely replacing PubIt next week sometime.)


Good luck with your book!