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Need help in finding a contemporary romantic novel. I have no title or author name.

Please help, I'm looking desperatly for the title and author of a contemporary novel - romance, which I read in 2003 in Germany. The storyline included a young ambitious female who falls for her boss. Consequently to an hot intimate encounter one night on the street, after a after-work drink with collegues, she gets pregnant but refuses to be with her "boss". He is unhappily married, as his wife tries hard for a baby and thus sex becomes mechanic. Allegedly her husband is infertile and the marriage split. He is very much in love with his now pregnant "collegue" and fights hard for them. At the end they are united and happy end. The story is very funny, illustrating the development of relationship along with the ongoing pregnancy. I think the cover of the book was blue and the title.... The book was probably bought in Germany as a friend of mine gave it to me, but I cannot vouch for that. Unfortunatly I have lost the book and would like to reread it. I think the setting was in London. The young lady was very ambitious and there was a hot tension between her and this man. It was definitly a contemporary novel à la Meave Benchy style of "Sushi for beginners" and not any kind of "forced" romance. These are the few information I can provide, I hope that someone  recognizes these features. Thanks

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You may have more luck posting in the "Lost Books" forum.

by safib on ‎03-07-2013 04:58 PM
Thank you for your help!
by Bookworm66NA on ‎01-09-2014 02:47 PM
A book has come to mind that was very great but only fragments... What I remember most:

- a mechanic (I think) has returned home for a funeral. The deceased person is someone he was very close to (had given him a few breaks) but had lost contact with. On this trip home he sees a woman that he was in love with as a teenager, but she was from the "wrong" social class.

- The deceased and the mechanic had both liked sweet tea I believe.

- Initially he does not know who else is there for the reading of the will and he finds out his teenage crush will be there. He spends a lot of time thinking about the deceased, things he said and things he learned.

- The woman shows up and is married with 3 kids I think and has a totally different lifestyle that he has led as a recluse who never settled down.

- Here it gets more vague, something about a jogger and getting hit by a truck

Thanks if anyone has an idea....