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Nook Simple Touch- Connecting to Internet; Will Not Download

Hi All,

I am currently experiencing a problem where my Nook Simple Touch is connecting to the internet but will not download books to my library. I only get a connecting message; there is no status bar over the cover art though. I "chatted" with a staff member online earlier and we went through the process- restarting, shutting off WiFi, and even wiping the device. The person I was "chatting" with suggested that the store was experiencing a problem and that within 24 hours I would be able to download my purchases, but I'm still concerned.


Is this happening to anyone else?

Any suggestions about what to do?



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Clearly there's something wrong with the B&N servers, so we can't download to Nooks but can download to any other apps. If the customer service people try having you go through all the reset procedures they're just wasting your time.
by Melissa19 on ‎03-02-2013 10:51 AM
According to internal store support, this *should* be fixed within the next 24-48 hours.
by on ‎03-02-2013 11:12 AM
So, if the store people know that it's a B&N problem, are the phone support people still telling callers to try resetting their devices? Just curious.
by kamas716 on ‎03-02-2013 12:16 PM
Given how B&N communicates, I'm assuming phone support will get notified of this problem next month.
by Melissa19 ‎03-02-2013 12:29 PM - edited ‎03-02-2013 12:35 PM

Phone support is aware of the issue. I can't speak for phone support, but they shouldn't be telling callers to reset their devices. Frankly, that would be a waste of time.

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything more. I am just as frustrated as you are.

by ABlack_Hoo ‎03-02-2013 12:42 PM - edited ‎03-02-2013 12:43 PM

there is a problem with a server upgrade--i got through on chat.

by TiggerPlus2 on ‎03-02-2013 01:36 PM
The store support I spoke to had no clue what was going on. But, thanks for the update. I was going to try chat support next. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.