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Nook Touch screen completely frozen

I need advice on this: My Nook screen is frozen. 2 days ago white lines appeared across the screen saver and no reset procedure works (20+ sec back button, complete battery discharge/recharge).


My nook still charges as usual (amber-then-green light) and it seemingly connects Ok to my PC by USB (I can see the filesystems of both the main memory and the mSD card). Tried with and without SD card to no avail.


I bought it from BN online back in June and it is in impeccable condition, with the latest f/w update applied a couple of weeks ago. No scratch, screen damage or whatsoever (it even has an original nook screen shield and cover). Its screen just suddenly stopped working.


Please tell me what to do next. I currently live in Santiago, Chile with no BN store available nearby. I have browsed forums and this seems to have happened to other users as well.


Should I mail back my nook to CS? What could I expect from this?


Thanks in advance.


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Helix751 wrote:

Can I expect a Cust. Support staff reply by this channel?


I'm really annoyed by this issue and need some directions on what to do next (that doesn't involve travelling to the US for bringing my Nook to a store, that is).

In answer to this: No. These threads are rarely monitored by official support staff and it is not a first tier method of contacting them. This is a community of fellow users who may have the knowledge to help you, based on their skills and experience.


In reference to your OP, based on the brief description of the problem you give, it is likely a defective screen. Time for a warranty replacement, methinks. (Which may be problematic if you are outside the US.)

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Lines accross the screen usualy indicate you have a defective screen. I don't think you have a choice except to have your device replaced.

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