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Problem upgrading to 1.2.1

I have followed all intsructions to the letter. Downloaded, pasted to NST /root Safely removed, did not open or rename. Allowed NST to go to sleep and then after some hours checked to find not updated and file gone from /root. Done this several times using diferent browsers and with antivirus switched off but still no joy.  Any ideas?


Currently 1.2.0 bought yesterday

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Based on what geertm said - Just take the link that is listed. COpy it.


Paste it in notepad.


Replace the filename with:


and then try to go to that link. If you can get to that file then it should work.

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The 1.2.1 download link at B&N seems to be incorrect.
The 1.2.1 filename was
The files that now gets downloaded seems to be 1.2.0.