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Problem with my files, Calibre, PDF

I will like to know if somebody has problems with My files?


After a month of a real battle understanding the Nook not for Books bought in the store (works great) but for the books I have on my computer from Google Books, Biblioteca de Madrid, etc.


I tried EZP reader, it is hard to play with.


When sideloading directly Nook did not read the titles, of course, no cover, etc.


Someone recommend in the forum Calibre Companion. After having it in the Nook, it takes a very long time, more than 15 minutes getting the metadata of the books. Is that normal? In my computer all of them are in order, but Nook does not see them.

Then, I tried to sideload 4 pdf to My Files, in the computer file for Nook Storage there are 4, but in my Nook 250!!

I know it is hard, all of you are Nook users, I understand, but I don't know what to do. I think I will give up with the pdf. No help in the store. In Santa Monica Store, the representative told me that there were so many applications, they can't help. That is understandable.

But they can't help with simple things either. I went to return the New Yorker cover, very pretty, but not comfortable and I  ask. Are all the same? The BN person told me "I don't know."

If  somebody has a suggestion on what works better for reading pdf and in what place they should be stored, please. My English is not good enough but...  I really appreciate your help.




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What Nook do you have?


If you bought a Nook recently, then you should return and get the Nook HD on sale for $149.


Then you get access to Google Play and you can download all sorts of Apps.




I think it would be best if you found out when your local store has Nook night where someone explains about Nook or you find someone in your friends and family that understand tech stuff.


Right now the questions you are asking are not very clear.


I don't know how to explain it. These aren't questions where we can say - X or Y.


These are more like - How do I use the device? how do I use this app? type of questions. For those you have to read the Help PAges that come with the app and the manual that comes with apps. I can't really write down an entire manual.


And, like I've replied to you before. This is NOT a device optimized for PDFs. It's definitely not optimized for free PDFs you got from the Internet.


You'll find better answers if you go to some forum devoted to Google Books on Android Tablets and such.