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ST 1.2.1 manual download unsuccesfull - MAC (zip file seems empty)

Hi, I'm new.

I just bought a ST NOOK. It cames, disappointly, with version 1.1 only. So I decided to manually download software version 1.2.1; however it didn't work: the downloaded zip file looks like empty. I use a MAC (10.6).


During the download the procedure appears correct: around 116 MB. But the "" is empty...


Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions



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1) What the earlier poster said. You have to move over the zip file WITHOUT opening it.


2) From what you wrote it seems you're trying to open the 'download link file' and not the zip file.


When you click on the link the download will start and it should the download progress. AFter that go to where downlaods are saved and look for the 116 MB file (or perhaps it's 121 MB).


Note: Make sure you get the size correct and let the download finish. If it's showing .download at the end it means either


a) You're trying to open the download link and not the file.


c) The download hasn't completed yet.