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Since I have never heard of it, I'm going to start with this:

What exactly is NOOK for PC and what does it do? Where do I get it and what do I need to do to it once I get it downloaded? What do I need to know that I obviously don't know?


For anyone else who missed it: I have a NOOK tablet.

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Nook for PC is exactly what it sounds like. It is an application you install on your PC which allows you to read ebooks on your pc. Once installed, you can also use it to download backup copies of your librsry.


On your PC, get to the B&N web page. Go to Nook. Look for Nook Mobile Apps. Should be a drop down box. Look for Nook for PC. Once you get there, on the right hand side of the screen, look for a blue icon that says "Download Now."  Go ahead and download it.  Once it is set up, you need to sign in with the same email address and password that you are using on your tablet. (I dont remember where this option pops up its been so long since have resigned in. It should popup at the beginning, if not, look under Settings, then Account Settings.)


Once you are in, you can view your library. Go to each book and select "download." This will put a copy of the epub file on your computer.(When you are looking for it on your computer, go to Documents(or Libraries if you are on Win 7), then Documents, look for a folder called"My Barnes & Noble eBooks" In that folder you will see another folder with your email address.  This is where your downloaded files are being saved. 


Some of us like to be safe, rather than sorry. (Should a book get pulled by a publisher.) So we make another folder somewhere else on our computer with a different name, and put a cooy of our epubs there as well.


An important thing to know about these files as they are downloaded. They use part of your credit card number to create the DRM. So even if the card is ever lost or stolen, you want to keep a record of the cc number.


Let us know if you neef more help.