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Trouble opening PDF books on Nook HD

I can open ePub books on my Nook HD, but not PDF books.  Anyone have a suggestion to fix this?  Thanks!

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More information would help us help you! :smileyhappy: Are these PDF books directly purchased from B&N that you have downloaded to the device from Nook Shop? Are they books you side loaded? Did they come from another store? Do they have DRM or are they DRM free? If they use ADE, did you authorize your device? Are they from the library? If so, how did you attempt to put the books on your device? (Thru Overdrive or 3M? Or the dreaded ADE side load method?) Give us some more info, and someone can help you out.
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According to this post, it seems that you need to convert your PDF file to ePub book for pdf file reading.

But I am not sure whether this is necessary.