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What do owners think are the five/ten most imp. things you should learn about/to do on NOOK?
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When you get a NOOK, there must be a list of things you should do immediately other than register an account with B&N, and this is what I'm asking. I've had my NOOK for over a year but during that time I have been extremely ill and, at times, I've been on medication that would knock most people out. I'm registered, I've learned about Free Fridays and have had those books and Apps downloaded. I've bought other books and Apps through Barnes and Noble and understand that process. (Is there anyplace else you can buy from?)  But I wouldn't know if you should back those books or applications up somehow or copy them for safekeeping. Although a voraciious reader for my entire life, when I became ill I also lost a great deal of my ability to read. I'm slowly getting that back. I have downloaded and printed the manual but haven't read the entire thing.  What would NOOK owners suggest new owners do or learn about immediately?


BTW:  I have a NOOK Tablet.

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Yes, you can buy books from MANY other places; anybody that sells EPUB format books.  What kind of books do you like?  For some books you may have to use Adobe Digital Editions to download to your computer and then copy to your Nook. This includes library books and many "protected" epubs.  Any site that sells books that need that will be VERY clear and give you links and instructions.


You can backup your B&N purchased books by loading Nook for PC on your computer and having it download copies of the books.


Unless you have a Nook HD or HD+ (which I doubt you have since you said you bought your Nook over a year ago), you can NOT buy apps from anyone else except the B&N App Store.