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When I try to load a "Free Friday" book, B&N always wants to charge me. What am I doing wrong? Thx
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Well, it would help if you tell us what book you tried to get and when you tried to buy it.


Free Friday works.  I've "bought" a lot over the last two years and never had a problem.


But, they are VERY limited time (sometimes, just that one day).  Also, you have to be careful that you're actually trying to buy the Nook Book version and not accidentally ordering the print book.


Does it still say "free" on the button when you are trying?


For instance, today's book is "Flesh and Bone" by Jefferson Bass.  If you see "FREE" above the "Download Now" button, you've got the right one and you're still in the free period.  But, there are plenty of other books titled "Flesh and Bone" so be careful.