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When downloading Nook for PC I ran into a problem

I downloaded NOOK for PC per the instructions I was given and everything worked perfectly until I got to "each book and select download". I don't see "download" to copy each book to my PC anywhere! (Is this an icon? If so, I what kind of icon am I looking for?)  I see where there are Options, but even under that there is nothing like download. I don't really want to be a bother, but I've looked at this and looked at it, and although I may be looking right at it, I don't see it! 'Can someone enlighten me please?

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It sounds like you are almost there---I think if you will click on options, it will give you other choices, including "read now," "download," "archive" etc.  There should be a "+" beside of options.

by GraciesGoneShopping on ‎05-21-2013 05:11 PM
YES!!! Exactly! But regardless of whether I click on Options or the + sign, I get the same choices: Read Now, Remove Local Copy, Move to Archive or Details. It says nothing about downloading. Nothing anywhere at all.
by Nookaddict55 on ‎05-21-2013 07:03 PM
When you opened the Nook for PC app did you log in to your B & N account? Once you're logged in your books should automatically download to your pc.
by TarHeelGirl00 on ‎05-21-2013 07:06 PM
The choices you mentioned are the same ones I have on my Nook for PC, but I have already downloaded all my books. After they are downloaded, the "download" button goes away. Is it possible that you have already downloaded them? Check in your Documents and look for a folder called "My Barnes & Noble eBooks. " In that folder will be a folder with your email address. If they have already been downloaded, they should be saved there.
by Nookaddict55 on ‎05-21-2013 07:06 PM
Look at the column on the left side - go to "settings" then click on "account settings" and log in to your account.
by kamas716 on ‎05-21-2013 10:51 PM
Umm, if it's saying 'Remove Local Copy' you've already downloaded it.
by GraciesGoneShopping on ‎05-22-2013 04:22 PM
Where I'm at now: Okay I know I'm signed in because when I click on My Library it shows my e-mail address across the bar at the top. So I went to My Documents to check the downloads that way and the folder is there with my e-mail address on it. I clicked and found one book is in there. Just one out of about one hundred. So then I went back to NOOK for PC and clicked on any of the titles except the one already there, but there is still no Download option. I was checking to see if any of those small icons at the top were what I wanted and inadvertently clicked on one. It did a little swirling type of thing, and then I got a message saying something was synchronized. Anybody want to guess what that means? I'm looking everywhere though and it does NOT say Download anywhere. This is frustrating. It's also frustrating to not know what icons are. Usually if you point to them they will say what they are or do. Not here. At the top where it says NOOK for PC there are four small icons. Can somebody tell me what those mean or do? Thanks guys.
P.S. Only the one that IS downloaded says "Remove Local Copy". The rest do not have that option.
by TarHeelGirl00 on ‎05-22-2013 06:34 PM
The first icon, as you have found, will sync your library. Any books you purchased since last logging into Nook for PC will update. The second icon manages the view in which your books are listed. Click it once, the view changes. Click again, it goes back to the previous screen. The next icon switches between recent, title, and author. Again, this is just an easy way to arrange your books. The last icon just enlarges the book covers on your screen when it is in that mode. Personally, I prefer the default screen where the books are in a list.

It sounds like only one book has been downloaded. I would think that if the ones that are not downloaded do not give you the option to "remove local copy" then it should give you the option to "Download." What options do those books give you? Possibly go down the page and pick another book, click on its options, and just see if "download" is listed. Maybe it will be since you did the sync. If not, hopefully someone here will have some suggestions, as I know this is frustrating for you.
by NookGardener on ‎05-22-2013 07:47 PM
What tarheelgirl said.

For each book, you'll see the title with the name of the author below it. The next line says Last Read. Below that it says Date Added.

Below those lines you will see + Options.Click on the plus sign to see the options. The first option is Read Now. The second option is either Download or Remove Local Copy.

Here is another hint to make your life easier. Keep the order of your books on Most Recent once you have gotten them downloaded. Then any new purchases will be on the top. Easier to find.
by GraciesGoneShopping on ‎05-22-2013 08:36 PM
TarHeelGirl and NookGardener:
(Caps are used only to distinguish between the two:smileyhappy:
When I click on Options ON THE ONLY BOOK THAT IS LISTED IN MY FOLDER UNDER DOCUMENTS these are the Options I get: Read Now, Remove Local Copy, Move to Archive or Details. When I click ON ANY OF THE OTHER BOOKS I get: Read Now, Move to Archive, Details. Under Options this is no mention of the word Download.
My sincere thanks to both of you for telling my what the icons mean and your personal thoughts. All of that will certainly come in handy very soon.
by GraciesGoneShopping on ‎05-22-2013 08:40 PM
I just found a new Option: Depending on what it is, and when and how I got it, sometimes I have the Option to: Lend Me. That's the first time I've seen that one.
by NookGardener on ‎05-22-2013 09:04 PM
Lend Me is a feature available on some books. Its what it sounds like, it allows you to lend the book to one NookFriend. You can only lend the book one time for a two week period. During the time you lend it to your friend, you cant read it yourself.(Just like you couldnt read it if you lent your friend a DTB.) Whether or not a book is lendable or not is up to the publisher, not B&N. Unfortunately, a lot less books are lendable these days than when the device was first introduced.

This just occurred to me. These books you dont have the ability to download, are any of them PagePerfect or Enhanced Books? Dont think you can download/backup any of the Enhanced books. PagePerfect seems to be no hard and fast rules (some PP books you can backup, some you cant.) EnhancedBooks will say so in the title. In the Options line, see if the last box says info or something like that.
by kamas716 on ‎05-22-2013 10:36 PM
OK, I think it might be time to start over with basic information, because something isn't right here. Even the one page perfect book I have shows the 'download' option under 'options' even though it won't actually download.

What computer system are you running?
What version of Nook for PC are you running?
Can you give us a couple of examples of the books you have that don't show 'download' in the 'options' setting.
by NookGardener on ‎05-22-2013 11:46 PM
That's true, download button is still there, just doesnt download the pageperfect books. She just downloaded nook for pc last week.
by GraciesGoneShopping on ‎05-23-2013 03:44 PM
This is the strangest dang thing I've ever seen. For the past few days I've been messing around with this looking for something that says Download near my books in NOOK for PC and there has been nothing there. NOTHING. My husband has read most of these letters here and looked at the same thing I've looked at, and he has said the same thing I've said: It's not there. There is nothing there to look at or to click on that remotely says Download. Today I open the darn thing thinking I must be missing something because everyone here has said the same thing, and I'm getting a little pithy about it as well as a little depressed over it. I open up NOOK for PC, click on the first title's Options, and right there it says DOWNLOAD. We've only done the same thing at least ten times and Download was never an option before. Now I feel like a moron but more importantly I don't understand this. I know what we saw and this wasn't it. I'll apologize for taking up everyone's time but I can't explain this to anyone and that makes me feel bad. So there you have it Folks. I clicked on the first one already and checked it in the Documents folder and the copy goes there, so I guess I'm okay. My apologies for taking up everyone's time, and if anyone can explain this to me, please do!!
by GraciesGoneShopping on ‎05-23-2013 04:35 PM
Follow up question: In NOOK For PC it says there are classics available from Google Books that we can download for free. Where do you go to see these?
by NookGardener on ‎05-26-2013 08:33 AM
Glad the DOWNLOAD button showed up and you've gotten it working now!

Re: In Nook for PC, google books for free. Not seeing what you are looking at in Nook for PC. And even if I did, would discourage you from getting them for google because last time I did it, it was a pdf file rather than an epub, and they generally don't "read" as well on the NT (lots of pinching and zooming.) For free epub books, try these two sources:
This is Project Gutenberg. They have free, out of copyright books available for download. When you find your book and go to download a copy, you want to be sure to get the one with that says "epub." They generally don't have covers etc, but you can find some good classics in there if you want. You will also have to rename the file to the book title (they download with a numeric number, rather than the title.)

The other place is the Nook Book Discussion Board here,

There are a couple of thread in there with free nook books. This one is just what it sounds like:
Here's the thing: Don't ask ANY questions in that thread. Its literally a list of free books that people have come across and put together. Think it is spec that does a weekly list of all the free books available (and he/she does a really great job.)

There are a few other lists in there (Smashwords books worth considering, and a current bargain list.)

Have a good holiday!