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Where/How do you find Apps available for NOOK that are comparable to ones you want to have?

I continue to be puzzled by Apps for NOOKS and find that I'm not alone sometimes. Last week I saw one for ABC TV that I would like to have but when I went to B&N and did a search for it, it couldn't be found. Really? For ABC TV? That's a pretty big name, but the search returned results saying it wasn't there. Yesterday I found one that plays videos for recipes. I would like to have this but the one I'm looking at is designed for both ipads and iphones. Do we have anything comparable? Not that I can find. What would happen if I downloaded that one? It just wouldn't work because I don't have isomethings? It's a shame we can't have one clearinghouse for all Apps and they all work together. Yeah, I know only in a perfect world.  Do I understand correctly that he only Apps I can put on my NOOK Tablet are those made for or sold by B&N or found on the B&N website?

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For the tablet yes, you can only get apps from the BN App Store.  Even if you could access the Googe Play Store, it wouldn't help, the link you posted is for iTunes, and iTunes apps only work on Apple products.  I