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Why does my Nook HD+ keep losing its Wifi connection?

I've had 3 Nooks, the latest is a Nook HD+.  Every one has kept losing its WiFi connection.   The HD+ is act ually a bit better than the others in this regard.


When it happens, the only thing which helps is to unplug my wireless router and plug it back in again.


The router is in my study in my condo.  it is a Linksys E4200 dual band N router.  I use my Nook in another room.   There is no direct line of sight between the router and the Nook.


Can someone direct me to information on how routers are supposed to work to help me understand what is going wrong?

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What are the settings on your router?


Are you using both bands? if not, which one. Using 2.5 is best.


are you using n protocol or a or b or g? Using a or b is best. Though wait for someone else to comment more on this.




If restarting the router fixes the issue then it's almost certainly a router issue. You'll have to play around with the settings a bit. If you let us know the settings we can suggest what to try.

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I have this router.  I read though your specs in the comments and I think I have a couple things you can try.  Please note that I do NOT have an HD or HD+, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

First off, are your 5ghz and 2.4ghz networks both using the same name?  If so, if you want to, you can change them to run under two different names.  This will allow you to see what's connected to what, and will help troubleshoot.

The Roku:
Your Roku is likely connecting to the 5ghz network.  Is this in the study with the router?  5ghz networks offer faster speeds, but the distance that the network broadcasts over is smaller than 2.4ghz, so if your Roku is at the fringe of the network, (i.e. not in the same room) you can have trouble.  If at all possible, move the router closer to the Roku, or the Roku closer to the router.

It's also possible that the Roku is NOT connecting to the 5ghz network, but is connecting to the 2.4ghz network, or is not connecting at N speeds (this is only likely if it's an older model).  In either case you'd want to keep the wireless node on it.

Nooks run on 2.4ghz (unless that's changed with the HD), and prefer non-mixed mode networks.  The pre-HD models prefer to run on G rather than N (not sure for the HD).  You could try running the 2.4ghz network in G-only, and connect your N devices to the 5ghz network.  If all your devices work on N, you could try running the 2.4ghz network on N only and see if that works better.


Hope some of that helps.