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Why is Spanish not listed in my settings? All my problems start there. Is there a way to add it?

After more than a month with Nook, I won't recommend Spanish language readers to buy it yet.


First of all, Spanish is not listed in the settings, so when you are looking for a word, the keyboard is not fully functioning. Not eñe, no accents.


The books are not categorized in the store. Spanish language as a whole, but if you are looking for non fiction for example, it takes you back to books in English. They are more expensive than for Kindle.


And related to pdf I was hoping for, EZPDF reader does so many things that does not do anyone right. I can't turn the page in many of them. Just scroll. Books from Biblioteca Digital Hispánica (Madrid) only work with reader. You have to zoom in every page. So, in general, it has not been the help I was looking for.

The best, Google Play, but I have to search in the computer with my google account. And from there to the Nook. Once there, they work very well.

In a month with the 50 dollar card I got, I bought beautiful Pérez Reverte El tango de la guardia vieja and Gioconda Belli, El pergamino de la seducción. Good publishing houses make good format for Nook. I will suggest going from the 12 point font to some other in between, it jumps to a big one, and the page does not seem right.

Also very good Calibre Companion, to transfer your books from your PC to Nook.

I hope I am wrong in many of these,  I am very sad to see a language spoken by so many in the United States and all over the world, geting so little attention. It  will get better I hope.


I haven't tried yet with movies, newspapers, etc. Web search is not a plus in HD plus reader.

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Nook is not the right device for you. You've already complained about the Spanish issue and the PDF issue on multiple threads. Why keep starting new threads.


B&N don't really read these threads. All you're doing is reaching other Nook owners. Nothing we can do.

by riby on ‎06-23-2013 08:13 PM
Today is that I am reading your really very rude answer. I am as you a user of the Nook who expected (maybe I am wrong) that Nook worked with all languages and maybe some kind and gentle person has an idea, maybe a universal app for the keyboard or something. I am not very familiar about threads or whatever, but I tell you, you are late for this. I already own the nook, unless some Barnes and Noble will give my money back. But this is my last day in this Forum. I had been very respectful wih everyone.