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Won't Open (Charlaine Harris) just cover page on Nook Color

I've called Support twice: 1. Refunded money & said to repurchase. 2. Said archive and would receive an email soon when problem with book was resolved. This was in August. Tried a chat - it was closed with no help.  


Anyone purchase this book and able to read it?  Fingers crossed here - I believe it is Dead Ever After (last book in series).  And I reeeeallly want to read it!!  I'm ready to go buy a hard copy :smileysad:  She's such an incredible author!



Accepted Solution
Inspired Scribe
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Typically, if it's just a download error archiving/unarchiving will fix the problem.  If it's a problem with the file itself, then the publisher will have to upload a new file for B&N to post, which could be awhile or could be really quick.  An alternative to buying the DTB, if you want it on your Nook, would be to try purchasing it from another vendor, like Google, Sony, Kobo, etc. and sideloading it.  If it's a file issue, those vendors may have the same problem as B&N.
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