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horrible new credit card unlock feature spoils entire experience

AAgh!  I waited MONTHS for the new Neil Gaiman book and I can't read it because of a poorly thought out, badly implemented credit card unlock feature that was apparently recently added.


I'm entering the correct info, but it won't unlock.  I see my order is still "Processing"  -- who knows how long that will take, and in the meantime, the advertising about "reading instantly" is now a lie.


So I am now a Kindle customer.

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If the book is on your device, try archiving and unarchiving it.  I've had that happen once, where it asked me for the unlock code, which it shouldn't if I purchased it from BN and downloaded it to the device. Archiving and unarchiving quickly solved it.  I assume the book initially didn't downloaded properly and that was the problem.

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The same thing happened to my nieghbor, I have never had that problem, but I only use gift cards, don't know if that is the reason.