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nook simple touch & galaxy tablet issue
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After hours of frustration both online and on the phone could someone please confirm if I've finally got this right...... I have a nook simple touch and used my pc at my dads to load on some pdf's i had on a memory stick via the usb cable. I also registered with two libraries and now have books on my nook via overdrive and adobe digital editions. I got an sd card as i hoped to load books from various sources (including the libraries) onto my nook via my Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 to save me having to go to my dads anytime I wanted to add or remove something. After hours of failing I've now read that you cant simply move the memory card from my tab to my nook if it contains library books which i find baffling! I also bought what was described as a high speed cable to do the transfer but again have been told this won't work with library books simply because adobe digital editions isn't available for my tablet! Is this correct? I know so many people who simply don't own a pc or even a laptop these days as a tablet had met all of their needs (until the nook came along it seems)
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The previous answer is correct as far as library books and the NST, you have to have a computer with ADE because of the licensing restrictions.  ADE also provides the timing information for when the book has to be returned.


However, you can download the Overdrive app to your tablet, check books out from the library using the Overdrive App and read the books directly on the tablet in the Overdrive app.


BN has no control over ADE which is an Adobe product nor do they control how libraries provide access to the books.  The only thing they could do is get Adobe to create an app for an eink device where you could download directly to the NST and given Adobe's track record with ADE, I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. 

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You are correct.  Library books require ADE because of the license restrictions.  Period.


You can move un-protected books using the trick you talked about (load them to the tab, force them to the card, put the card in your Nook).  There are lots of sources for older books like Project Gutenberg


But, without a computer, you're stuck when it comes to library books.


Also, I should probably warn you that PDFs can be a pain on the NST.  You can't zoom.  It's far better to find epub books.


At my library, you can take your nook in and they will hook it up to their computers to load books, FYI.  See if yours do the same.

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