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what do i do?
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i went out the day after christmas and brought a nook hd with 2 american express gift cards they are cash cards and even saids on the back  treat like cash  the cashier took my gift cards  after buying the anyway i didnt like the nook i had my reasons now i want to return it so i called the store 5 times each time they told me that you can return it no problem you have a choice of cash or store credit what ever you i went to the store to return the nook the guy i went to sent me to a girl who sent me to her manger who said that she can only offer her store credit it got me so mad let alone hearing the words store credit being said made me  very mad so i walked out of the store 230 down the hole and now im stuck with it is there anything i can do besides sell it on ebay?


sorry for all the terrible grammer

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You don't get cash for a store gift card. It's not B&N. Take the store credit and buy something else.