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Did we loose "FREE FRIDAYS"?

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Logged into my Nook on 7/29/11 and there is no "Free Friday" promotion.

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Re: Did we loose "FREE FRIDAYS"?

It's been longer and longer each week before it shows up. Seems as if the Unbound: Nook and BN Ereader Blog is not updated until late in the morning or sometimes not until late afternoon.

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Re: Did we loose "FREE FRIDAYS"?

The word you're looking for is "lose". The word "loose" used as a verb the way you did means to free or release. (When my son was learning to spell a year or two ago, I taught him the common internet misspellings. I also point out the many errors in books that I read to him - he is now properly contemptuous of publishers who employ spelling checkers instead of copy editors.)

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Re: Did we loose "FREE FRIDAYS"?

The Free Friday promotion "appeared" on the shop screen of  my NOOK (First Edition) around 9 AM EDT this morning.  I put appeared in qutoes, because the promotion came up as blank, but I was able to select it and it went to the Free Friday book.