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I love the Real Housewives shows. NYC, New Jersey, Orange County-I can't get enough! So when I passed by the "New In Biography" section and saw a book by Danielle Staub, I was too curious to not give it a try.



The Naked Truth




Danielle has recently been the main drama maker on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and in last season's finale, a lot of information came out about her. The Naked Truth is her explanation of what actually happened when she was younger.


The book is an extremely quick read and while Danielle did go through a lot in her life, I was left wondering how many liberties she took in her story telling. She writes about her childhood after she was adopted and up through to her divorce from the father of her children. What comes in between is drama, drama, drama.


I was actually disappointed Danielle didn't tell more stories about her interactions with the other housewives. I was more interested in that than her time spent in Florida as a young woman. She explains a lot so read The Naked Truth if you want to know about her backstory.




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by Pebbles730 on ‎06-01-2010 03:54 PM

I'm reading it now.  I wasnt going to bother, after all her erratic behavior on RHONJ.  But, since it was only 11.99 on ebook I decided to give it a shot.  It is a very quick, read and has some interesting information.    After you see the way that she carries on about things on the show, you have to wonder how much of this is made up and how much is true. 

by B&N Bookseller Scarls17 on ‎06-01-2010 10:19 PM

Exactly! If I read the book without having seen her on RHONJ, I would believe everything she writes about.

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